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Ronaldo da Cunha         
Senior Pastor
 (407) 348-0006
 R. da Cunha 

Antonio Pita
Assoc. Pr. (Brazil Cong.)

Kevin Maragh
Lay-Assoc. Pr. (St. Cloud Cong.)

 (407) 433-2792

Dwayne McNeil
Head Elder
(321) 431-9406

Vaughn James
Head Deacon


Dian Jarvis
Head Deaconess
(407) 433-2379

Lena Soares-Mullings
(407) 438-3869
 L. Mullings


Wanda Hewitt
Church Clerk
(407) 433-1654


Gerald Jarvis

Worship Coordinator
(407) 433-2909
G. Jarvis


Carol Crawford
Family Ministries
(407) 908-6915
C. Crawford

Rodney Rivera
Audio/Visual Coordinator
(407) 580-8450

Joan Evans
Adult S.S. Supt.

Dezirae Toup
Children's Ministries
(407) 892-2675


Yvonne Santana
Dir. Comm. Committee


Dale Van Witzenburg
Personal Ministries
(708) 534-7492


Julene Sucre
ommunity Services
 (407) 348-4045

Santa Matos-Dotel
(863) 512-3197
S. Mato-Dotel

Dakota Cookenmaster

D. Cookenmaster

Claudia Pacuch
Women's Ministries
(407) 947-9053


Dunia Rivera
Youth Ministries



Michael Cookenmaster
OACS Principal
(407) 348-2226
 M. Cookenmaster


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